Phishing 2017

By mihaelb on January 24, 2017


Cyber security and Ransomware:

Computers and electronic devices have become prime targets for scammers seeking to fraudulently obtain personal information from unsuspecting users. Among the various cyber threats, one part

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Ransomware and Malvertising

By mihaelb on May 24, 2016

Ransomware and Malvertising Prevention

In today's digital landscape, cybercriminals are raking in millions of dollars through ransomware and malvertising schemes, leaving authorities perplexed on how to tackle this escalating threat. In thi

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Windows 10 and EyesEverywhere

By mihaelb on August 27, 2015

As if Torontonians didn’t already have enough to do, Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows for everyone to master. Microsoft Windows is the most popular software for business and personal use because it contains a wide range of applicatio

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Internet Technology (IT) Services and Support

By mihaelb on December 31, 2014

Internet Technology (IT) Services and Support

The recent data breach at Sony Pictures was not the first for American companies, but it was the biggest breach of confidential information in the history of the Inte

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Internet Explorer major security alert

By mihaelb on April 27, 2014

Security Alert: Critical Flaw in Internet Explorer Detected - Take Action Now!

A major security issue has been discovered in Internet Explorer, affecting pretty much all versions of it. Microsoft is working on a fix. As soon as one is av

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Heartbleed security hole ...What you should do

By mihaelb on April 13, 2014

Heartbleed Security Hole: Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consultants Takes Action for Toronto and GTA Clients and Beyond

The Heartbleed security  hole that is affecting many websites is not as prevalent as originally thought ("only" 17% as opposed t

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