Canada is 17th most virus-infected country...

By on April 8, 2014

Canada is 17th most computer virus-infected country, according to Kaspersky...Not good, people! Although not all viruses, adware, malware and other vulnerabilities can be stopped, proper maintenance and protective measures in place can drastically re

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Email Safety - Best Practices & Tips

By mihaelb on March 6, 2014

Email Safety Guide: Protect Yourself Everywhere, Not Just in Toronto/GTA!

A lot of times, we get questions regarding the safety on email. This  guide is applicable to people everywhere, not just to our Continue reading ...

Microsoft extending Windows 7 sales

By mihaelb on February 27, 2014

Microsoft Allows Sales of Windows 7 Computers: User Preference and Stability Considered

Microsoft has announced that it will allow continued sales for computers with Windows 7 installs. This is not to say that Windows 8 is a bad operating s

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