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Our business is our clients and here's what they have to say

EyesEverywhere IT Consulting


Our business is our clients and here's what they have to say


Customized quality service

Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consulting has worked with Milborne Real Estate for the past three years, and I would like to say that we are very pleased with the service that they provide. Since we switched over from our old support people, the issues have decreased dramatically, and when something does come up, Eyes Everywhere’s technicians are always quick to respond, and resolve them quickly. The technicians of Eyes Everywhere are very skilled, communicative and are a pleasure to work with. They are always professional, and deal very well with both experienced computer users, as well as novices. We are happy to have such a reliable partner to look after our network, computers and servers, and would not hesitate to recommend the services of Eyes Everywhere to anyone.

Mohan Ratnam

Accountant, Milborne Real Estate

We just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service to us so far and to let you know we would wholeheartedly recommend you to any business needing top notch IT services. We have found you to be prompt, courteous, reliable and well-rounded in your expertise. Most importantly we have greatly appreciated your attention to our specific needs as a business. Like most companies today our daily operation in the Financial Services business relies heavily on solid IT resources and you have been terrific in providing us the support and confidence in our IT to run our business successfully everyday. We wish you continued success and look forward to working together for many more years to come.

Glenn W. Allen

Director, Dundee Wealth Management

I would like to take a moment to thank Eyes Everywhere, especially Mr. Birman, the CEO, for providing a solution for our needs. Your efforts and assistance have greatly helped in achieving a reliable, stable operation. It is very reassuring to have somebody so skilled and knowledgeable on hand to be able to contact for help and assistance should we need it. Mr. Birman always promptly returns our phone calls and offers us a great solution to our issues! We contacted several companies and spent money for nothing. Those companies’ services did not do an adequate job to avoid and prevent downtime, and took a long time to respond when it happened, therefore, as far as we are concerned, they failed. Definitely Mr. Birman is “the Information Technology champion”, I guarantee that any company working with Eyes Everywhere will not be disappointed.

Lynn Mortimore

I.T. Manager, Micon International Ltd.


Highest levels of satisfaction

Within the IT industry it is rare that people thank you for the job you do on a day-to-day basis. I want to take this opportunity to thank you; it has been some time since I have come across a company like yours. I look forward to continuing our business together and watching your company soar over many of the existing businesses within your field.

Mark Benedek

System Administrator, Beach and Associates Ltd

Eyes Everywhere is a first rate I.T. service provider, with clear understanding of its clients’ needs, and effective, timely, and accurate implementation of value-added solutions.  Originally was looking for IT support near me, and stayed with them after we moved as well.

Dr. Michael Friedman

Friedman’s walk-in clinic

During this (so far) 3.5 years contract, it was fulfilled extremely well: meeting schedules, reliable support and project responsibility and exhibited great in-depth knowledge…

Haniel Croitorou

President, VertexPoint


Consistent and reliable

We cannot speak highly enough about Michael Birman and his team at Eyes Everywhere IT Consulting. From the very beginning when we contacted him to say we were opening our own firm, Michael was happy to spend time with us, explaining our different IT infrastructure options. He helped us order everything we needed and set us up with little notice. Michael’s guidance and knowledge has helped us to start with a system that is truly excellent.
Any time we have had questions or issues, Michael has been extremely responsive to help us. He has made himself available at short notice and outside of business hours to help. His knowledge of all our hardware and software ensures a fast resolution to any problem we have had.
Thank you Michael and Eyes Everywhere. We could not be happier that we have you in our IT corner!

Toni E. Wharton & Kristen Woods

Wharton Woods Family Law

Eyes Everywhere has been supporting our entire infrastructure, several servers, desktops, laptops and peripherals since 2005, for over 30 users. They have been very reliable for us at Actra. It’s very comforting to know that they are always there when I need them, either on site or remotely to help us out. Also, Eyes Everywhere’s technicians have always displayed a high degree of integrity, professionalism and responsibility. Since I’ve been working with Eyes Everywhere, I’ve had no issues with the way they provide us with support, and their turnaround time has been superb! I am wholeheartedly and happily giving Eyes Everywhere my endorsement.

Alice Jarosz

Senior System Analyst, Actra Fraternal Benefit Society

I have worked with two of Eyes Everywhere’s consultants for over an 8 year period now, and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. They have been very eager and determined to understand our business and have subsequently matched our needs very well. One thing that is very important to me when working external consultants is loyalty and professionalism and Eyes Everywhere have always maintained this despite being given some difficult tasks. I have no doubt that we will continue to work with them on supporting us, and other IT projects in the future.

Gabriel Krikunez

Law Offices of Gabriel Krikunez

Michael is prompt to respond to any problems and is always available with his expertise.

Roely M.

Office Manager, Merber Corporation Consulting Engineers



…because we handle personal and health information, we must ensure that privacy controls are in place. Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consulting has been our tech consultant now since June 2012. Since then, the lives of our management staff have become quite serene. With our old I.T. consulting firm, we lived in terror of crashes, servers that would not reboot, make-shift and work-around fixes that come back to haunt you, and mostly technicians who never answer the phone and who say they are on their way and never show up or who show up when actually the issue could have resolved remotely. With Eyes Everywhere, every time we call for assistance with an issue, the phone is answered by an expert, who begins resolving the problem immediately. Nine times out of ten, the issue (almost always relatively significant in our work day) is resolved within 30 minutes. I cannot think of one instance when we have been frustrated due to having to wait for someone to get back to us or to show up to fix the problem. When we need licenses or new equipment, we received excellent products for excellent prices in what seemed like double-time. When dealing with other software providers needing access to our system, the Eyes Everywhere I.T. consultants have been consistently courteous, patient, knowledgeable about our particular system, helpful and accommodating. All in all, Eyes Everywhere is very transparent, communicative, timely, and a genuine pleasure to work with. No surprises or disappointments. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Linda Legault

Director of Programs, Centres d’Accueil Heritage

Eyes Everywhere’s advice enabled us to obtain a return on our investment in less than 4 months. Their know-how and pragmatic advice increased our productivity by 25%!

Alexander P. Gadomski

CEO, Gadomski Financial

Great service and great prices. Couldn’t have hoped for anything more

Ziv Kenet

President, Spring Software


Making things simple

If you are looking for an IT Specialist who will make your life stress free, look no further. I have had the very good fortune of dealing with Michael Birman, EyesEverywhere I.T. Consulting since February 2008 and I am completely satisfied. Not only has Michael & his team been able to clean up the mess my network system was in but he has been able to recommend and assist in recent acquisitions to expand the system. Michael does not hesitate to offer suggestions where he sees an opportunity to improve on efficiencies. Michael is always available on short notice and is happy to assist wherever possible.Michael, and his organization have become an integral part of my company and I would not hesitate to recommend Michael and his team to anyone who is looking for an I.T. Specialist that truly puts his clients first.

Michael S. McDonald

President , Starship Logistics Inc


Experience and knowledge

I am writing to recommend the services of Michael Birman and his company, Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consultants.

Michael and his team have been working with our family law firm since November, 2017. During the transition from our previous I.T company to Eyes Everywhere, Michael’s knowledge and attention to detail aided in keeping our company running smoothly.

Michael and the team are not only efficient and able to solve any issues in a timely manner but are also very thorough and easy to work with. He is always willing to take the time to discuss any concerns we may have and provide us with ways to improve our work environment.

Cheryl Goldhart

Goldhart & Associates Family Law

Since our move to Eyes Everywhere for our server support, our entire system is much faster and its availability is great. The transition of our entire infrastructure to a VM environment was as smooth as it could be and was handled very professionally. I would just like to say that we are very happy with the support we are receiving. Your staff is very responsive and supportive to our business’s needs and is always professional and insightful. It is very comforting to know that we have such a great team of people standing behind us and backing us up. Thanks to all the great people at Eyes Everywhere and please continue the good work.

Tania Bogachova

Manager of Technology and Computer Services, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Durham Christian Homes would highly recommend the services of Eyes Everywhere. We enlisted the support of Eyes Everywhere in 2010 to help with our organization’s growing needs for technical support and expertise. We have worked closely with Michael Birman, Founder and President and have been impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism. Michael and his team have responded to both general inquiries and emergency situations in a timely manner and have been invaluable during a recent upgrades and office expansion. We would be confident in recommending Eyes Everywhere due to their skilled support and sound business acumen.

Gerrie Morley

Executive Director, Durham Christian Homes


Taking care of all your IT, A-Z

I greatly appreciate your services-no issues at all!

The efforts you put in setting up the server and migrating the email server without interrupting the services was really admirable .
You always work so passionately to make sure the customers get the best experience and insight and they really are reaping the rewards from your efforts!
We love working collaboratively with you and your entire team, you’re always so authentic and enthusiastic, and we are really happy to have partnered with Eyes Everywhere for all our IT needs.

So glad you’ve had some great feedback from customers too as it’s so deserved. Keep up the good work.


Paul S.

CEO, Nationwide Logistics Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Eyes Everywhere Inc. for 3 years including for the purposes of establishing/opening my own business.

Eyes Everywhere have provided the highest level of IT support throughout. From making recommendations on various IT related software and hardware, to assisting with the installation, to ongoing technical support, they have been exceptionally helpful throughout.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, they are extremely responsive on very short notice if and as we need them.

I strongly recommend Eyes Everywhere Inc to anyone looking for outstanding IT support.

Annie Noa Kenet

Owner, Kenet Family Law


Helping you look better to your clients

I live in a world where extraordinary customer service separates Victory Verbatim from our competitors, and I can tell you without a doubt that one brilliant guy like Michael and his team at Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consulting can make an colossal difference in terms of how your customers perceive you. I wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am by the quality of work and response times that Eyes Everywhere provides consistently. I am supremely-satisfied with the results, the knowledgeable and friendly staff, and consistency we get from them. Due to the special nature of our business, we required a customized solution to address our processes and storage needs. Since implementing Eyes Everywhere’s recommendations in March of 2008, we’ve been able to enhance process automation functions that, in turn, enabled our staff to increase productivity. This is especially important, as we continue to experience rapid growth. Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consulting gives us the features and functionality and backing to gracefully, seamlessly and efficiently manage our business. Michael’s staff is consistently reliable, punctual and highly-knowledgeable in many areas of the IT field. They are courteous, friendly and are a pleasure to work with. The team at Eyes Everywhere are easy to get in touch with and have offered rapid response times on many occasions when advice or urgent assistance was required. Simply Knowing that Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consulting is only a phone call away, and that they can ‘fly’ in and glue things back together if there is a need is a huge comfort for us. Not that there is much of a need: since these guys started working with us, our systems have never run so smoothly!

Jamie Roberts

I.T. Manager, Victory Verbatim Reporting Services

Eyes Everywhere IT Consulting has been providing Fundraising Initiatives with IT support for two years and in that time Michael Birman and his team have delivered professional, timely and courteous service. Michael’s ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently has been outstanding and it has allowed for virtually zero interruptions to our computing needs. Eyes Everywhere has a proactive approach to IT, making sure that our needs are always met and I would recommend their services if suited for your organization.

Daniel Krmpotic

Vice President, Operations, Fundraising Initiatives