IT Consulting Toronto

With over 20 years of experience, Eyes Everywhere is an established IT consulting firm in Toronto and the GTA for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We help clients with their overall IT needs ranging from providing strategic advice to technical infrastructure solutions. Our team takes a proactive approach to neutralize cyber threats and tackle your business’ vulnerabilities. We can safely say that with the assistance of our expert IT consultants, you will experience your business quickly growing and thriving seamlessly.

Comprehensive IT Consulting and Services

Our IT consulting services include auditing existing systems, designing customized solutions, and creating support plans for maintenance, patching, and repairs. Our team focuses on addressing the root causes of problems such as data loss, slow system responses, and network outages to prevent them from recurring and keep your network speed at top performance. We also take proactive measures and implement preventative solutions with our managed IT services for added convenience.

See here our complete list of IT consulting services:

Disaster Recovery


Antivirus and Anti-spam

Database Consulting

Backup Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cloud and Storage Services

Consulting for Business Continuity

Computer-related Technical Consulting

Servers and Virtual Servers Consulting

Take advantage of:

Reducing Costs as Compared to Hiring a Full-time IT Team

With our expertise, we can help solve your IT problems quickly and efficiently, often at a fraction of the cost of staffing an entire IT team full-time.

Scaling Business Operations

The IT consultants at our firm offer scalability options that help can your business operations grow and adapt to changing market conditions.

Expert Planning

We are proficient in setting up and managing networks, supporting existing hardware and software, designing new systems or applications, developing plans for improving existing systems, elevating your organization’s infrastructure through integrating new technologies, and identifying weaknesses in your system by conducting security audits.

Improving Overall Security for SMBs

Our IT consultants can help you strengthen security measures and identify and address potential risks before they become an active problem.
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Our Approach to IT Consulting 

Secure your business with our practiced IT consulting services, where we streamline your technological requirements through our unified strategies and proactive approaches. Our distinctive value proposition centers around delivering tailored IT services customized to meet your business’ unique needs and equipping them with preventative measures to defend against cyber threats. In times of emergency, our quick response times are vital, and we always assign the same technicians to you to be consistent.

Your Premium IT Consulting Firm

Our goal is to foster the growth of small to medium-sized businesses in Toronto and throughout the GTA. After closely analyzing the needs of your business, we will implement the latest and most suitable tools to help your technology infrastructure perform optimally. Contact us today and get expert IT consultancy on upgrading and implementing technology that meets your business goals.