Managed Cloud Services

Our extensive list of cloud hosting services is available for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Toronto and across the GTA. Our mission is to improve your online infrastructure, so your business can focus on growth and operating more efficiently. By understanding the needs of your business, we can align your corporate goals using cloud adoption, implementation, and migration.

When You Need Cloud and Storage Services

Our cloud consulting services can save your company from disruptive cyber-attacks that can be costly and dangerous. Whether you are planning for business continuity, struggling with outdated infrastructure, or overwhelmed with rapid growth, our cloud storage solutions offer security and efficiency in perfect tandem.

Smooth Cloud Migration

With thorough and careful planning, including covering data transfer, integration with existing systems, and user training, our certified IT crew guarantees a smooth migration process.

Improve Cloud Strategies

After understanding your business requirements, we closely analyze your infrastructure to identify areas where you can help you the most. We’ll bolster your cloud strategies and develop a plan to find compliance with industry standards and optimize resource allocation.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We automatically back up your data every hour and synchronize it to the cloud during evenings for maximum data protection. We discovered by implementing timely backup solutions, we greatly decrease the chance of your business facing data loss when unexpected events occur.

Cloud Maintenance and Troubleshooting

In hopes of your cloud’s infrastructure operating at peak performance, we schedule regular maintenance work and prompt troubleshooting. In addition, to maintain the reliability of your cloud services, we conduct routine checks, necessary updates, and resolve any issues pronto.

IT cloud Storage Services Toronto

Our Approach to Cloud Backup Services

With our extensive cloud backup services, rest assure your data is secure. It is common for IT companies to store your data on their servers. This can become problematic and can lead to distrust issues. At Eyes Everywhere, we differentiate ourselves by securely backing up your data to the cloud. We do so regularly, scheduling consistent backups and synchronization to ensure your data is always protected. When your business does require assistance, we make sure the same technicians serve you every time to help build a consistent, personalized experience.

Eyes Everywhere – Your Managed Cloud Services Provider

As your managed cloud services provider, we manage the security, capacity, and durability of your online space to make data accessible to your everyday applications. We take our cloud and storage services and design customized solutions to meet the specific needs of SMBs in Toronto. For 15+ years, we’ve been effectively utilizing our cloud hosting services to drive the strategic growth of all sorts of companies, completing over 3,500 projects in that period. When you’re ready to take advantage of superior data access, storage, connectivity, and collaboration, contact us today and benefit from our industry-leading managed cloud services.