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Internet Explorer major security alert

By on January 29, 2023

A major security issue has been discovered in Internet Explorer, affecting pretty much all versions of it.

Microsoft is working on a fix. As soon as one is available, Eyes Everywhere I.T. consulting will deploy the patch out to our clients. No need to call in for support for this, we will do it for you.

Until then, please minimize usage of Internet Explorer, and consider using Firefox or Chrome as your alternative browser.

Bleeding Heart security hole …What you should do

By on January 29, 2023

The bleeding heart security hole that is affecting many websites is not as prevalent as originally thought (“only” 17% as opposed to over 60%), however, this is still a significant problem. Eyes Everywhere I.T. Consultants has patched any websites listed that affect our clients in the Toronto and GTA area, but the problem is global.

Most big websites have patched their systems already, so now it’s time to change your passwords. Please have a look at the websites that Mashable has put together here. If you are in the affected list, and have received a patch, please change your password on that site. If not, wait. There are many more websites that are affected, and not all will probably inform their users, so please contact them to make sure.

Kaspersky Infections Canada

Canada is 17th most virus-infected country…

By on January 29, 2023

Canada is 17th most computer virus-infected country, according to Kaspersky…Not good, people! Although not all viruses, adware, malware and other vulnerabilities can be stopped, proper maintenance and protective measures in place can drastically reduce such infections!
See nice representation of the world infections here: