As if Torontonians didn’t already have enough to do, Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows for everyone to master. Microsoft Windows is the most popular software for business and personal use because it contains a wide range of applications that include everything from simple word processing to complicated spreadsheets.

Windows is the preferred computer operating system throughout the world, but is quickly losing ground as more people turn from clunky computer desktops to more portable tablets and smartphones, which use operating systems created by Microsoft’s rivals, Apple and Google. Both rivals indicate a preference for maintaining separation between operating systems for PCs and mobile devices and reject Microsoft’s plan to combine the two.

The last release by Microsoft was Windows 8, which was introduced two years ago and attempted to meet growing demands for hand-held mobile devices, but failed because users hated it and its tablet-like design and inapt controls for devices that use keyboards and mice.

Microsoft jumped from unpopular Windows 8 to Windows 10 in an attempt to emphasize its ongoing efforts to move forward by reviving popular features from older versions and combining them with new features in the hope of regaining the loyalty of desktop PC users while, at the same time, meeting increasing customer demands for modern touch-screen technology on smartphones and tablets.

Windows 10 offers “the familiarity of Windows 7 with some of the benefits that exist in Windows 8,” according to Joe Belifore, an executive who oversees Windows design and evolution.

Terry Myerson is the Executive Vice-President of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group and indicated “Windows 10 represents the first step in a whole new generation of Windows.” He compared it to buying a new car with a better sound system and more powerful engine without the necessity of having to “learn a new way to drive.”

Windows 10 is a blend of old and new and will have various controls that are familiar to users of older Windows versions with new features that are easily learned, even by those who still use Windows 7 or earlier versions.

Beware that if you use the “express” setting when you upgrade to Microsoft 10, doing so will enable Microsoft to gather any and all of your personal information unless you configure your privacy settings otherwise. Do not use the express settings unless you want Microsoft to know everything about you and what you are doing online.

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